The Triumph Of The Video Slot

When the first video slots came on the market, manufacturers were able to integrate more information on the screen. You could play while searching the payouts and bonus information on a separate screen above the reels.

As online slots became more complex, more pages for profit tables have become necessary. Online slots today include up to a dozen sites that are full of payouts, bonus information, and a list of possible pay lines.

Many Microgaming slots have more extensive rule pages embedded in the game.

Further detailed information appears when you press the ‘i’ button. Then you will be offered a table of contents with payouts, rules, and even a winning history of the game in the casino.

In the course of the further development of mobile slots, the profit table also became more user-friendly. Players can swipe left or right on the screen to quickly access the paytable.

A comprehensive part of the slot process

Profit tables not only show important information; they can also add a lot to the atmosphere of the slot.

At Microgaming’s Immortal Romance, the paytable shows background stories about the game’s vampire characters. Each character has its own background story and unique bonus features.

Winning tables can also help you choose a slot.

The more information you have as a player, the better you can judge a game. For example, you can look through the highest and lowest payouts and assess whether it’s a volatile game or one with low variance.

The future of the profit table

Technology is constantly evolving; As a result, profit tables will also improve and become more interactive. As we have seen, the winning table played an important role in the bonus features.

Game developers such as NetEnt are currently experimenting with VR slots. Players will then be able to dive into the game instead of just using a 2D display and buttons.

Slowly you will be able to individually adapt every part of the slot machines. How long will it take for the player to change the symbols and payouts in the paytable themselves, adjust the bonuses corresponding to his game, and invent his own slot symbols?

The profit table has an interesting future.

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