Preparing home for staging

Home Staging Tips for Listing Your Home

  If you’re selling your home soon, you know you need to take steps to de-clutter. If you’re planning to also stage your home, the staging company will likely ask a lot more of you than picking up loose items around the house. So where do you start? We’ve teamed up with Clutter storage to talk home staging. Any soon-to-be seller won’t want… More »

Packing with kids playing in a box

Moving with Kids? Here are Four Tips to Smooth the Process

Kids and moving can be a difficult combination. This is not only in terms of all the packing and organization that is required, but also because it can be a very emotionally challenging time for children. Depending on the age of your kids, they may either be excited, terrified, or not really know what’s going on. More often than not, it’s a combination of all thre… More »

how not to unpack

Make Unpacking Easier with These Four Packing Tips

One of the most stressful, time consuming and difficult aspects of moving is the packing. Although it may be tempting to just shove everything into boxes as quickly as possible, anyone who has moved this way will tell you that it creates absolute chaos when you get to your new home or apartment and are trying to unpack. The trick is to pack efficiently but carefully, … More »