ideas for remodeling kitchen

Top Online Destinations for Home Remodeling Ideas

Making the decision to remodel your home requires a great deal of thought and time. Whether you are adding an addition to your house or simply updating your kitchen or bathroom, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you are hoping to achieve before you begin the process of getting bids from professional contractors. In the past, people would turn to magazines … More »

When should I hire a handyman?

When and How to Hire a Handyman

If you’re used to renting a home, you’re used to calling your landlord whenever something goes wrong. Water leak, jammed window, tiles falling off the roof? Never mind, the landlord will sort it out. If you make the transition into buying your own home, you no longer have the safety net of the landlord. Anything that goes wrong is suddenly your problem! So… More »

DIY Jobs That Will Add Value to Your Home

4 Easy DIY Jobs That Will Add Value to Your Home

Got a free weekend coming up with nothing planned? Thinking of putting your house on the market in the coming months? If so, you might be looking for some simple DIY projects (suitable for beginners!) that can add significant value to your home. Luckily, we have some ideas that may be just what you’re looking for. 1. Rejuvenate those kitchen cabinets For individ… More »