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Collage of bathroom inspiration ideas

37 Splashy Photos For Bathroom Inspiration

Is it time your plain bathroom gets a long-awaited update? Looking for ideas on what to do? Sometimes seeing the right bathroom mirrors, cabinets or shower set up will spark ideas that bring your bathroom renovation project to life. To that end, we’ve collected 37 bathroom photos that deliver big-time. Photo Credits:… More »

best ways to settle into a new home

Turning a House Into a Home

“Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home”. But what about when you first set foot in your new home that’s not yet really home? Chances are you’re exhausted, you have a moving truck to unpack, you have no way of cooking dinner and you don’t even know where the light switches are. During such times, it’s easy to feel st… More »

Making a small room feel bigger

3 Tricks to Make Small Living Spaces Seem Larger

Those buying a starter home or who simply choose not to break the bank for their purchase often find out how small their new home, condo unit, or townhome can end up feeling. While a lack of space may seem frustrating at times, particularly if the home contains a lot of furniture, having a small place can actually work to your advantage. A smaller place can save you m… More »